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Pelion Tour

Mount Pelion is full of little-known spots that are worth visiting. Byzantine-era churches, traditional little villages, tavernas (small restaurants), trekking spots, small beaches are but a few of your options. We can show you around Pelion on a trip you will remember!

More than four passengers?

In case there are more than four passengers, two(or more) taxis is the most comfortable way to travel, but a minibus is the most cost-effective. Our minibuses can carry up to 8 passengers, from anywhere to Volos, from Volos to anywhere. Contact us for a quote!

Did you know?

According to Greek mythology, Pelion was home of the Centaurs, mythical figures that were half horse and half man.


You may have seen different spellings of this name; Pilio, Pilion or Pelio. No matter how you choose to spell it, the fact is that this mountain(1610 mts) is in our opinion the most beautiful in Greece. It is thickly forested, with a variety of trees, mainly oak, maple, plane, chestnut, cherry and apple.

It's impossible to count the amazing beaches you can enjoy here, from the western (Pagasitikos Gulf) to the eastern (Aegean sea) side. You can find beaches that are lively or quiet, with small bays or large stretches of sand or pebbles Some of them are calm but there are others with large waves. You just have to choose, but that is not an easy task. Afissos and Koropi (Boufa) are worth considering if you choose to swim in the Pagasitikos Gulf. If you choose the Aegean sea, Agios Ioannis, Milopotamos, Xorefto, Agii Saranta and Xinovrisi are just a few of the possible choices. The following video will give you an idea.

Feeling overwhelmed? Just pick one, you won't be disappointed! Need help? Feel free to ask us. Need a ride? We can take you anywhere! Contact us and we can arrange the trip that suits you.

It would be a mistake to consider Pelion a summer-only destination. It is beautiful all year long. The villages of Pelion have character and a unique local style, not to mention delicious food (you really should try “spetzofai”, a dish based on sausage, peppers and aubergines and “fassolada”, bean soup with carrots). Portaria, Makrinitsa, Milies, Zagora and Tsagkarada are the most popular destinations, but they are not the only places worth visiting.

Pictures are far stronger than words, and the following video can definitely prove this:

Naturally, you can go trekking, climbing, mountain biking and skiing. The Agriolefkes Ski Center is 27km from Volos.

Volos Taxi Service is here to help you all year long. We can make your holidays unforgettable.