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Athens / Thessaloniki to Skiathos - Skopelos - Alonissos

Are you looking for a way to get from Athens, or Athens Airport, to Skiathos, Skopelos or Alonissos? Perhaps you want to go from Thessaloniki, or Thessaloniki Airport, to those beautiful islands? Not sure what to do?

We have all the answers for you, and here they are:

From Athens to Skiathos - Skopelos - Alonissos

  1. First of all, you could consider going to Skiathos by plane. You can take a boat to Skopelos or Alonissos from there. Please notice that flights to Skiathos are not available all year long. When there is a flight, it usually leaves Athens Airport really early in the morning (around 5:30 am).

  2. Another choice would be to go to Agios Konstantinos and take a ferry from there. We can arrange a private transfer from Athens / Athens Airport to Agios Konstantinos. Please notice that ferries from Agios Konstantinos to Skiathos - Skopelos - Alonissos are not available all year long.

  3. The only choice that is available all year long is a ferry from Volos. Naturally, we can arrange a trip from Athens Airport straight to Volos port. It is a quite interesting trip!

    Find out more details about the trip from Athens to Volos.

From Thessaloniki to Skiathos – Skopelos – Alonissos

  1. There are ferries going from Thessaloniki to Skiathos – Skopelos – Alonissos (and vice versa) during the summer. Usually there is one ferry per day, leaving from Thessaloniki around 09:00 am.

  2. In case these don't fit you schedule, we will be glad to take you to Volos. Ferries are quite more frequent here.

    Find out more details about the trip from Thessaloniki to Volos.

Not sure about the boats' departure times or ticket prices, from Volos, Agios Konstantinos or Thessaloniki? Do you want a quote for any of the trips mentioned above? Contact us and we will tell you everything you need to know!

More than four passengers?

In case there are more than four passengers, two(or more) taxis is the most comfortable way to travel, but a minibus is the most cost-effective. Our minibuses can carry up to 8 passengers, from anywhere to Volos, from Volos to anywhere. Contact us for a quote!

Taxi to the islands!

Volos Taxi Service can arrange a tour (from Volos or the airport) around Pelion to Katigiorgis, where you can take a water taxi (also arranged by us) to Skiathos. Quite a ride, wouldn't you agree?

Did you know?

Skopelos was, and still is, home to many seamen, both low-rank and officers. They built the numerous churches and chapels found on the island, asking for divine protection on their journeys.

Skiathos. Skopelos. Alonissos.

The three islands are a major part of the Northern Sporades island complex. Skiathos is the closest to Volos (41 nautical miles) and the mainland (2.4 nautical miles). It’s a three hour boat journey from Volos to Skiathos or a half hour water taxi ride from Katigiorgis. Located one next to the other, they are all beautiful islands and definitely worth visiting, for different reasons. Skiathos is the most popular tourist destination, and you really should consider visiting it if nightlife is what you’re looking for. Alonissos is much more peaceful, ideal for relaxing. Skopelos is somewhere in between, literally and metaphorically, not as lively as Skiathos and not as quiet as Alonissos. A perfect choice for some peace, with an occasional visit to a night club!

It goes without saying that all of them have beautiful beaches (the Kukunaries beach in Skiathos is known worldwide), among other sites worth visiting, namely:

  • The house, which is currently a museum, of Alexandros Papadiamantis in Skiathos.
  • The Bourtzi Peninsula in Skiathos.
  • The Byzantine Church of Christ in Skiathos, with rare architectural character.
  • The Folklore Museum of Skopelos.
  • The 360(!!!) churches and chapels of Skopelos, the oldest being the basilica of Agios Athanasios (11th century).
  • The National Marine Park of Alonissos, the largest protected marine area in Europe, home to a population of the Mediterranean Monk Seal (Monachus Monachus), among other animals of course.